API and System Integrations

Take fleet management further with custom-built apps and system integrations.

Going crosseyed looking at too many dashboards?

Not sure how to use all that data?

With so many programs and devices running our businesses today, it can sometimes feel like we’re experiencing a system overload. At High Point GPS, not only do we provide fleet management hardware and software, but we also specialize in business intelligence. Having the right telematics products is only half of the equation – We take fleet telematics further by connecting your enterprise applications and developing custom add-ins. Save time and boost productivity by making your systems work for you.

Integration consultation

Do more faster by connecting multiple systems into one powerhouse fleet management platform.

API/SDK custom development

Gain total control of your business with custom-made software add-ins and apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Custom reporting & data analysis

Make the most of your business with automated custom reports and data analysis to optimize your fleet operations.

Integration consultation

Oftentimes customers will need to keep existing systems in place to run their business. When it comes to connecting enterprise applications, you’ve come to the right place. The team at High Point GPS has proven experience in guiding customers with multiple system integrations. We work with you to implement our API, so you can use your telematics solutions faster. Whether you want to integrate Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BI, or a fleet maintenance application, our business intelligence team is ready to lead the way!

API/SDK custom add-ins and apps

If you’re feeling bombarded by too many systems that don’t talk to each other, an API integration is a likely solution. Our team can take your existing platform and enhance its functionality by building a custom-made API to communicate with High Point GPS. Even more than that, we can create standalone web and/or mobile apps that extend the features of High Point GPS. Whether you need to feed GPS data, driving events or engine hours into an existing fleet maintenance tool, High Point GPS can make it happen!

Custom reports and data analysis

This is where High Point GPS really shines. We take complicated system data from multiple points and transform it into simple information. The flexibility of High Point GPS allows us to build custom data reports giving you further insight into your fleet’s operations. If you’re wondering how to optimize trip routes, save money on fuel or boost driver productivity, we can show you how. Don’t spend valuable time wondering how to run your fleet more efficiently. Make smarter decisions and achieve results by working with High Point GPS today.

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