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Keep your eyes on the road with High Point GPS dash fleet camera

The safety of your fleet is in good hands with our XC4 dash fleet camera. Its continuous camera records activity and events inside and outside the vehicle to ensure safe driving habits. Fleet managers can access footage through the camera’s cellular connection. With rules enabled from your High Point GPS database, drivers and fleet managers can be alerted about critical incidents and events. When you aren’t able to have your eyes on the road, Our XC4 dash fleet camera is the perfect solution to protect your fleet both inside and outside the vehicle.

The Dual-Vision difference

Countless benefits, rolled neatly into one tiny camera.

Continuous & event recording

Continuously monitor and capture driving behaviour using HD recording.


Capture interior and exterior footage with dual-vision cameras built to increase fleet safety. Option to disable interior camera.

View up to 10 cameras

Have up to 10 total cameras recording with split views.


Fleet managers can access live streaming (optional) and download video events while the vehicle is still on the road.

Telematics integration

The camera footage is seamlessly integrated with your High Point GPS software to apply the power of video to your existing fleet management platform.


Safety and liability protection for drivers

We all know anything can happen on the open road – no matter how good a driver you are. To protect against false incident claims and costly lawsuits, our customers trust the XC4 camera to capture the whole story. The dash camera has the capacity to instantly alert fleet managers about unsafe driving behaviour and critical incidents. Exonerating drivers after an accident can be a long and drawn-out process involving multiple stakeholder groups. Having clear HD-quality video footage will speed up the process and determine who was at fault. Don’t just see what happened – see why it happened, with the  XC4 dash camera.


AI-12 Dashcam

Our AI-12 offer fleets the best in class live video telematics available in the market, at an entry level price point – without sacrificing quality for price. Designed for commercial vehicles, The dash cam is rugged tested and future proof – allowing fleets to grow without swapping hardware for additional features and/or additional cameras. In addition to its cutting edge technology, High Point GPS  offers an easy installation (10-minute) with multiple options to connect to power and built-in WiFi hotspot to easily connect different devices and cameras.

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