PTO On/Off Reporting

Monitor PTO on your trucks for more GPS tracking insight Show ‘PTO’ usage visualized on the live map and trail history

Power take-off (PTO) is the process of taking power from a power source, such as a running engine, and using that power to operate an attachment or application. PTO is used by GPS tracking solutions to identify when a switch is engaged on a vehicle. GPS tracking devices can read that PTO has been engaged or disengaged based on voltage. There are many industries that find it valuable to monitor PTO.

Different Types of PTO: (Icons for each will show up on the map trail)

  • Lifting/Lowering the winch on a tow truck
  • Operating the water pump on a fire engine
  • Waste collection truck arm picks up a trash can
  • Operating the boom on a bucket truck
  • Turning a siren on and off in an ambulance
  • Snow Plow up/down usage

PTO GPS Tracking Benefits

Historic PTO data – A benefit to having access to historical PTO data is for job verification during a customer complaint. This information will give you the exact time that a job was completed to provide proof of service to your customers. This will also provide a method of tracking jobs completed for billing accuracy.

Fleet Performance by monitoring PTO utilization – By including PTO usage in a daily summary report for your overall fleet you will easily be able to monitor performance by vehicle, ensure that you are getting the most accurate information possible how your fleet is performing.

Get Fuel Tax Rebate on Fuel used on PTO

In most states and provinces the tax paid on clear fuel, gasoline or propane used for a PTO operation may be refunded if:
  • the auxiliary equipment is powered using the same fuel tank that is used to power the motor vehicle
  • the power from the auxiliary equipment is not used to propel the motor vehicle
  • the motor vehicle is not principally used to transport passengers
  • the auxiliary equipment is not used for personal use, pleasure or recreation

Custom Connection for PTO Monitoring:


A PTO Harness provides inputs to the Tracking device on anything you would like to report on.

Examples include:

  • Garbage Truck Bucket
  • Well Rig
  • Rear Light sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Seatbelt
  • Man Dow


Fleet managers can monitor real-time Hours of Service to prevent violations
ELDs automate DVIRs and IFTA reports meaning fewer errors and less paper chasing
Dispatchers can easily track drivers on the map and use GPS to optimize routes

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