Teach your original manufacturing equipment new tricks

High Point GPS seamlessly integrates with OEM vehicle telematics.


Have vehicles with pre-installed telematics? No problem!

Did you know that over 40 Million vehicles worldwide already have OEM Embedded Telematics devices pre-built by the manufacturer? All you need to do is ask us to activate the modem on our solution – no installation needed!

When it comes to factory-installed vehicle telematics, Our advanced software program is your number one fleet management solution. Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, Our software integrates mixed makes and models (see OEM partners below) into one easy-to-use platform. 

With no extra hardware or devices to install, you can start collecting data right away – giving you the upper hand with insights and analytics. Our OEM solution standardizes data across your entire fleet, allowing you to monitor vehicle performance, driving behaviors and GPS tracking.

High Point GPS OEM platform provides the capability to integrate telematics data from the manufacturer and make it available on MyGeotab.

Added value for fleets

Cost savings

Save on additional hardware and installation costs with built-in vehicle telematics.

Ease of use

Use the same portal and dashboard across multiple pre-integrated OEMs

Faster implementation

With already installed telematics there’s no delay related to device and hardware shipment or installation.

One platform for mixed-vehicle OEMs and after-market devices

Most fleets are made up of different vehicle makes and models, making it tough to effectively deploy telematics. While some newer vehicles come with pre-installed telematics, most older models require after-market devices like our device. If that’s the case, you’re in luck. High Point GPS software system can host a variety of vehicle makes and models giving you the flexibility to better manage your fleet. With only one platform to monitor, you can gain insights and compare vehicle efficiencies across your fleet. Let new OEM technology work to your advantage with the High Point GPS complete telematics software solution.

Our current OEM integration partners

High Point GPS is constantly looking for OEM integration partners to align with their telematics software solution. Here are the current vehicle manufacturers whose pre-installed telematics work with High Point GPS:


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