GeoDocs - Geotab Addin

Tired of Managing physical documents with your drivers? 

Take fleet management further with custom-built GeoDocs for Geotab, to share and manage Docusmtne with your drivers related to Drivers, Trucks, and Trailers.


Geodocs has been designed to allow dispatches and administrators to Easily upload files to Drivers.

Files can be assigned to all Drivers/Vehicles/Trailers, or can be tagged to only be seen by specific drivers, or specific Trucks or Trailers they have been assigned to. 

Driver App View

From the Geotab Drive App, drivers will have a View-only look on the documents permitted to view by the driver, Based on files assigned to Driver, or Truck or Trailer selected on the App.

Custom Add-ons

Reach out to us with your custom development needs, our developers can customize the look and feel of the application, and customize it based on your requirements.

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