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Take electronic logging devices to the next level with our ELD-compliant vehicle tracking system.

What is an ELD (Electronic Logging Device)? and why do I need it?

The department of transport in the U.S. and Canada require all federally regulated commercial vehicle operators to use ELDs (electronic logging devices) to monitor their fleets. 

These regulations aim to eliminate paper-logs that can be easily tampered with, leading to unsafe driving practices and tragic accidents. To prevent driver fatigue, the U.S and Canada. have strict Hours of Service (HOS) regulations for commercial fleet drivers. An ELD is programmed to track driving time and actively warn fleet operators and drivers when they’re approaching their Hours of Service limits. 

Another reason for commercial fleets to use ELDs is to ensure a level playing field amongst Canadian and US carriers. With e-logs, businesses are unable to alter their hours of service or engine specs to gain an unfair advantage.

ELD Compliant Vehicle Tracking System

Quick inspection time

Provide compliance officers with clean and up-to-date driving logs and summary reports in just a few simple clicks.

Boost driver safety

Avoid driver fatigue with in-app break notifications. Custom rules can give drivers warnings about their speed, seatbelt use and driving behaviour.

Enhance fleet management

Streamline tasks like IFTA and vehicle inspections (DVIR) with automated reporting. Save time and money by monitoring fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and employee productivity.

Who needs an ELD?

If you’re a commercial truck driver or operate a trucking company in Canada, then you need to have ELDs installed in your vehicles. Transport Canada’s regulation states that all federally regulated carriers must have ELDs by June 12, 2021.

A commercial vehicle, specifically, refers to a vehicle that:

is operated by a motor carrier and is a truck, tractor, trailer or any combination that has a registered gross weight greater than 4,500 kg or a bus that holds more than 10 persons, including the driver

Like most technology, drivers and fleet operators can expect a learning curve when moving from paper to electronic logging. For some businesses, it may take months for drivers and personnel to feel comfortable using ELD drive apps and software. You don’t want to get caught playing catch up – avoid the panic and contact an expert at High Point GPS to start your ELD implementation today!

ELD exemptions:

Added ELD functionalities:

An ELD can do a lot more than track your location and time spent driving. It’s a powerful little tool that can optimize your entire fleet, leading to significant savings on your bottom-line. Our device goes above and beyond the ELD mandate with these added functionalities:

One ELD solution for all vehicle types

In any fleet, there could be many types of vehicles: Light-Duty, heavy-duty, service vans, box trucks, bucket trucks, or even tractor trucks. Our device can be used in hundreds of vehicle types including EVs.

Smartphone compatible

Compatibility with a smartphone or tablet adds convenience since mobile devices can be used for many different purposes. For drivers who are already comfortable with using a phone or tablet, this gives them a headstart on learning the technology.

Pre and post-trip inspection

Regulations state that a post-trip inspection must be completed after each trip, but many companies would also like their drivers to complete a pre-trip inspection. The High Point GPS ELD solution allows drivers to complete a DVIR directly from our app and send alerts when inspections haven’t been completed.

Accident reconstruction

We can’t stress the importance of this feature enough and our customers would agree. When a fleet truck is in an accident, it’s typically assumed they’re at fault. Having a solution that can provide accident reconstruction with telematics data is extremely valuable in helping understand the events that occurred before, during, and after a collision.


The sky’s the limit with High Point GPS’s ELD solution. A free Software Development Kit and open APIs allow our ELD to integrate with third-party platforms. If your business needs a custom ELD solution, High Point GPS’s professional services have experience in API integrations, dash cameras, temperature sensors, asset trackers and Public Works applications.

Automated IFTA reporting

Simplify IFTA reporting with imported fuel card data and consumption instead of chasing receipts and doing manual calculations. It used to take our customers days to complete their IFTA reports – now they do it in minutes with High Point GPS ELD solution. Fuel transactions will be added to the IFTA report.

Benefits of ELDs for your fleet

Commercial truck drivers across North America are more connected than ever with over 75 percent accessing the web every day. With the transport industry already using apps for routing, dispatching and shipping, it makes perfect sense to use the Driver app for electronic logging too.

Drivers always have access to driving data with our app

Reduce Hours of Service paperwork time by up to 15 minutes a day
ELDs track vehicle behaviour in the event of an accident or collision like a black box
ELD app accurately logs Hours of Service, both behind the wheel and outside the vehicle
Faster roadside inspections as compliance officers can easily access driving data
Less time spent doing tedious administrative work leading to more earning power
Fleet managers can monitor real-time Hours of Service to prevent violations
ELDs automate DVIRs and IFTA reports meaning fewer errors and less paper chasing
Dispatchers can easily track drivers on the map and use GPS to optimize routes
Compliance managers can run ELD reports, analyze maps, instant message, and receive driving behaviour notifications
ELDs notify drivers before they exceed their Hours of Service, giving them time to plan ahead
Reduce fleet costs by analyzing fuel consumption, idle time and harsh driving behaviour

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