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What does High Point GPS Solutions do?

High Point GPS is an official retailer of telematics, GPS, and cloud dashcam technology. We connect your fleet of commercial vehicles to the internet so that you can be better connected to your fleet. Our cutting-edge solutions provide valuable web-based analytics guaranteed to maximize efficiency, safety, compliance, and accountability.

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking enables our customers to understand how their vehicles’ movements can be optimized to improve customer service experience and the bottom line.

What is a fleet tracking system?

A fleet-tracking system enables our customers to view detailed, real-time data of their vehicles, all of which can be accessed remotely from a single platform.

What industries does High Point GPS work with?

We work with pretty much everyone: construction, courier & delivery, food & beverage, government fleets, transportation and logistics, utilities, waste management, landscaping, lawn care, and much more!

What are the advantages of using a fleet tracking system?

Increased safety, improved customer service, streamlined vehicle maintenance, reduced downtime, and strengthened fleet compliance — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How long should it take to recover my investment?

The ROI for a typical service company is under 90 days. This includes the initial capital investment as well as the first year’s subscription service. Fleets with more room to improve can receive very rapid ROI, often under 30 days! best in class fleets can expect about $2,500 in savings per vehicle. 

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